Cherry Sound is a World Class record label and recording studio located in downtown Denver, Colorado.  We are the best option in The Mile High City for recording, mixing, mastering and audio forensics.  Cherry Sound is the premier professional audio company with the knowledge, experience and equipment to make your project come to fruition. We offer a wide range of services for artists, advertising agencys, talent buyers and attorneys. Our recording studio is silky, inviting and personal – a great place to produce your next project.

Cherry Sound LLC –  At 10years and counting, we are the BEST recording studio and record label in Denver.  Period.

Music Creation/Production 
We create music for film, television, promotional DVD’s, Radio Spots, Video Games, and the Web.  Cherry Sound produces Jingles and Radio Ads from start to finish complete with music sound fx and voice over.  We can help turn your website into an interactive sound experience with background music, button sounds, and transitions. By customizing music to specifically fit your needs, Cherry Sound crafts your ideas into a sonic reality.   We also create Royalty Free Music, and Works for Hire.

Sound Design
Cherry Sound can help your company to create a “Sonic Corporate Identity”.  A truly distinct and original sound, or short musical phrase that can immediately identify your company to your customers and clients.

Radio-Ready Mastering Services from the Pros at Cherry Sound.

Social Media Management and Web Development
Cherry Sound can give you a strong virtual presence.

CD/DVD Duplication and Distribution
We can put your music online and in stores.

Sony DMX r-100 console      24x Oxford Channel Strips 4x      Neve 1272 4x       Neve1073 2x      Universal Audio LA-610

 Mackie HR824 mkII     KRK ST6     JBL 4408A     Genelec 8020a     Alesis M1

ProTools     Cubase6     Logic     Reason     Audition

 Avalon SP 747     SP TC Electronics Intelligent Finalizer      Neve Portico II

 Lexicon PCM-81     Lexicon PCM-91

Waves Mercury 9.2 Waves Studio Classics Vocal Align Melodyne Drumagogue

Orban 672A


Neumann M147     Neumann U47

Shure KSM32 Matched Pair

Blue Mouse     Blue Bluebird x2

AT 4047/SV     AT 4043a

Rode NT1000     Rode NTK      Rode Classic (Neumann U87)

Cascade Elroy Ribbon

Many More

1917 Steinway 7′

Marshall 1959 MKII     Fender Hot Rod DeVille     Crate SEV16      Fender Decade

Mesa Boogie Studio Pre      Mesa Boogie Triaxis

Tech 21 Sans AMP Tech    Tech21 Custom 2 Channel Bass Pre

 American Fender Strat

1993 Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page      1997 Martin HD28VS Acoustic 2003      Gibson Les Paul Special

1967 Airline Town & Country      Gibson Lap Steel      1967 Fender P-Bass

1983 Fender Bullet Telecaster      Epiphone  SG




2x Techniques SL1200
MKII VPL HW 16.5 record cleaner
Separate DAW featuring:
FCP Studio Adobe Creative Suite
TEAC  6010 SL Reel to Reel Cherry Sound Records 5

Audio Forensic Pros… providing high-tech analysis of audio for Law Enforcement and the Judicial System.

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